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At the Science of Birth, I teach various breathing and visualisation techniques to prepare mothers for labour and birth.

You will learn self-hypnosis to eliminate negative thoughts, beliefs and fears surrounding labour and birth and much more!!!


Fear is the number one element that can hinder your birth by triggering significant physiological changes during labour! 


Fertility2Birth programme

The Fertility2Birth programme empowers you to take control over your pregnancy and birth of your baby(ies). 


I believe, as a trained Hypnobirthing therapist, to achieve the best results it is crucial to work with the expecting women and couples on an individual, one-to-one basis in the comfort and privacy of their home!  


Clinical research has shown that confident, relaxed and positive mothers have better birth outcomes. This state of mind is very easily achieved by practicing the taught HypnoBirthing techniques.


The chances of you needing medical intervention including pain relief reduces dramatically by using Hypnobirthing techniques.

Why is it important to reduce the use of medical pain relief? 


Drugs have a massive impact on your baby; interventions interfere with normal biological processes. This means that not only will your body heal at a much faster rate after the birth but your baby will be brought into the world drug free and alert which means that both of you are off to a better start regarding bonding and breastfeeding and are free from health issues that may develop stemming from medical interventions.  


Sometimes however things do not always go to plan. This program also helps you to be aware of this and how to deal with any feelings that may occur if the birth does not go exactly as you would have liked it to.

What is Hypnotherapy and how does it work?


In hypnosis the work is done in the subconscious mind. The practitioner guides the individual into a very deep relaxation, into a trance-like state of mind to enhance the individual’s awareness. The heart rate decreases, the breathing becomes slower and deeper and the metabolic rate falls as the body releases from the control of the conscious mind during hypnosis. 


The aim of Hypnotherapy is to re-programme patterns of behaviour by treating the subconscious mind to overcome deeply suppressed emotions, fears, phobias and negative thoughts. It aims to eliminate the sensation of pain by working on the neural pathways and hormonal channels to enable the sensation of pain to become less acute and reduce the awareness of unpleasant symptoms, like nausea or indigestion. Gain control over your mind and you will have control over what is happening in your life.



During the HypnoBirthing sessions you will learn

  • The techniques for releasing fears and negative thoughts around childbirth.

  • How to relax, stay calm, in control and be able to tune out the hustle and bustle of the birthing room.

  • Various breathing techniques to assist you with being in control of your labour and birth.

  • How to reduce the ‘need’ for any pharmaceutical pain relief.

  • How and why applied hypnobirthing techniques reduce medical interventions.

  • The art of confidence when dealing with medical staff. 

  • A few techniques that can help you to bring about the start of labour if you wish to do so.

  • Birth Physiology

  • Partner's guide on helping your labour progress

The perfect birth cannot be promised – I wish I had a crystal ball and a magic wand – but with the hypnobirthing techniques you can develop your coping strategies, take control of your own labour and birth and you will have a much more comfortable and relaxed birth than you may have otherwise.

A few of the many benefits of learning and applying Hypnobirthing techniques

  • HypnoBirthing women's labour and birth are seemingly shorter

  • HypnoBirthing women experience more comfortable and natural births

  • HypnoBirthing women report higher energy levels following birth

  • Hypnobirthing techniques can be used at home births, in the birthing pool, in delivery suits or in birthing centers etc...

  • Most importantly the benefits are measurable on those newborns born to Hypnobirthing mothers

Hypnobirthing babies usually have higher Apgar scores

feed better

tend to be calmer

sleep better

experience less trauma!


Hypnobirthing is one of the best tools for your labour and birth! 


According to my and many other women’s experiences, by learning Hypnobirthing the birthing couple becomes ’one’ during labour and birth. 

In the birthing room fathers often feel helpless, and for a man this feeling is not only disabling and devastating, but it can significantly impact on the couple’s relationship later (mum did not feel supported by dad as dad did not know how to give useful support).

By learning Hypnobirthing techniques fathers can actively take part in the birthing process, bring you back to your breathing when you lose focus, help you to stay calm, remind you of the techniques you have been taught together and empower you! 

What a powerful tool and a positive impact this is!

You will be given a number of audio recordings for each of the hypnobirthing techniques you will learn during the sessions, which you will be able to use whenever you want. Some couples reported that they were able to calm and relax themselves any time they felt stressed out during their pregnancy and after. 

Don't forget...once you learn these techniques you can use them again for your future pregnancies!


Hypnobirthing Therapy fees

The program consists of three, 2 hour sessions usually at 25, 27 and 29 weeks. These dates can be flexible and arranged to suit you the best possible way!


One-to-one Hypnobirthing therapy program in the comfort of your home now: £250

The price includes all audio recordings and the information pack!


Paying in installments available! To find out more information about the Hypnobirthing therapy sessions, please get in touch! 


If you wish to take part in the whole Science of Birth initiative (antenatal classes, doula service and hypnobirthing) contact me so we can tailor the program to suit your personal needs and wishes.  

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