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Welcome to

The Science of Birth

I built the Science of Birth initiative on four cornerstones to establish a healthy start for the whole family.


1. Antenatal Education Programme 

for pregnancy, birth and postnatal period sharing information and providing birth education.


2. Active Doula support driven by dedication, experience and compassion.


3. Teaching Hypnobirthing techniques to take control over your birth.


4. Belly dancing as a joyful and gentle exercise for the body and spirit. 

Establishing Science of Birth

I created the Science of Birth, merging my social and scientific studies.  Why do I find it crucial to merge these two elements together?

Expecting a baby is not only a biological event, neither is giving birth an “illness”.  When I am supporting an expecting family, I am receiving them as whole human beings, acknowledging their level of knowledge regarding pregnancy and birth, respecting their wishes, their life stories, beliefs and choices. 

During my midwifery studies, I gained great knowledge on anatomy; pharmacology; changes during pregnancy; common and rare health problems during pregnancy; foetal development; hormonal changes during pregnancy, birth and postpartum; birth physiology; emotional changes and mental health issues; infant feeding; care of the newborn; postnatal care and so on. 

This knowledge is absolutely essential to the program I built. This knowledge has enabled me to build up my practice with the intention of giving the best possible information for families, on pregnancy and birth in order to enable them to make informed decisions.

Giving the power back to women

Nobody should be expected to make decisions regarding their own and their baby's health without knowing the full scope of cause and effect of their decisions. For example, by giving objective information, the progress of labour becomes more understandable. I believe it is essential to give the power back to women, give them the complete information they need so that they are able to make informed decisions by being fully aware of the positive and negative consequences.  

Informed consent means: “permission granted in full knowledge of possible consequences.” (Angus (ed), 2010, p. 371).

High quality birth preparation

Women are able-bodied to birth their own children and the most important thing is to enable women to give birth naturally and at their own pace. My ultimate goal is to respect women's choices and hand the control back to them, which I believe is realisable with high quality birth preparation. 

If a woman is aware of her rights, she will be confident and will feel that she is able to choose the care that she wants by having the knowledge behind her. I advocate education for women.

After establishing the Science of Birth, I can perfectly describe what I wanted to be as I have created the profession for myself. 

I consider myself to be in a gifted position where my creative hobbies and lifelong interests all form around and complement the subject of birthing.

A non-judgmental birth advocate

Fighting against birth violations and cruelties against women

I consider myself an advocate of women. I believe women have the right to knowledge, the right to birth as a unique individual and the right to be given space and time. I fight against birth violations, mistreatment and cruelties against women.

I continuously look out for opportunities to update my knowledge, learn and read the newest research, take part in seminars and attend conferences to integrate them into the course agenda. 


I have an instinctively gentle approach towards people and I regard adaptiveness as a core value when supporting mothers during labour. I am a naturally non-judgemental person and my work is based on compassion and altruism. I am dedicated to lifelong learning and private support, ergo impartial.

I would like to take you on the journey that enabled me to become the birth professional I am today and to build this unique programme offered by Science of Birth. To learn more about my personal story, please visit my blog: Bernadett's mini autobiography.

Welcome to The Science of Birth Programme. I am very much looking forward to hearing from you!

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